Breath of the Wild Garners Critical Acclaim

Fresh off the starting lineup of the newly-released Nintendo Switch lies The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the open-world adventure has quickly surged to breathtaking acclaim; the newest addition to the legendary series has just scored a 10/10 and a 98/100 on GameSpot and Metacritic, respectively.

Zelda titles are no stranger to strong review scores, however – 2013’s A Link Between Worlds reeled in scores of 9/10 and 91/100 on those same sites. Farther back, 1998’s Ocarina of Time released to the tune of a 10/10 and an extremely impressive 99/100 (the latter Metacritic score has never been matched, letalone beaten by any title). It should then come as no surprise that the new Zelda has cemented itself as not only another gem by Nintendo, but more importantly one positioned on the Switch’s front lines.

One can imagine a critically acclaimed title that is part of such a recognizable exclusive series as Zelda will indeed boost the Switch’s sales numbers as more consoles become in stock, which in itself is an early indicator that Nintendo’s handheld-console hybrid is doing solid thus far. While it remains to be seen if the Switch will be a long-term victory, Breath of the Wild’s success sure lays a great foundation as Nintendo begins to truly compete with Microsoft and Sony in the current-gen console race.

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