For Honor DLC heroes leaked?

21st Century.. another leak. Well I should say “Potential leak”

Earlier today leaked images appeared online over at R/Forhonor on reddit. The images show two new characters which don’t appear in the game yet. The Centurion and The Ninja.

As you can see below the centurion wears heavy armor, with an armored mask and helmet. We cannot see what weapon he wields but the smartest guess would most likely be a spear.

For Honor – Centurion

If stealth is your game the ninja seems like your typical Ninja-spy. Lightweight leather armor for speed and agility and trademark ninja mask. From the images supplied it would seem that his weapon of choice is the kusarigama.

For Honor – Ninja

If this leak is legit, you would have to assume the Ninjas will fight for the Samurai, and the Centurions will fight for the knights?

As you’ve probably noticed from the images the type of hero class is “Scrubmode” Scrubmode is likely a placeholder name, and it is very common for developers to have place holder names while still under development.

As I did state this as a potential leak please treat this as a rumour until we get full confirmation from Ubisoft.

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