How To Get Your Joy-Con Wrist Strap Unstuck

So in a previous article, I noted how one issue with the Switch is how easily it is to get the wrist straps stuck to the Joy-Cons if put on the wrong way. I and many others looking to own a Switch in the near future were under the impression that the wrist straps would be very difficult to get unstuck. Well, breathe a sigh of relief, because apparently solving this problem is pretty easy.

There appear to be two methods that people recommend. One, as demonstrated in the above video, is to unlock the wrist strap and use a simple tool to lift up two black prongs on the inside of the attachment. Once they’re lifted, just smoothly slide the wrist strap off the Joy-Con. Simple.

The other method that’s actually supported by Nintendo themselves may seem a bit unorthodox, but bear with me. What you have to do is unlock the wrist strap, hold the Joy-Con and wrist strap from the bottom, and slide it off…that’s it. That’s all.

So yeah, the “Stuck Joy-Con Wrist Strap” epidemic may have been blown a tad bit out of proportion considering how easy of a fix it is. Of course, it’s still something Nintendo might want to look into, considering so many run into this issue. Similarly to how Nintendo made Wii Remote wrist straps and Wii Remote Jackets for the Wii to prevent accidents, maybe we’ll see a Joy-Con wrist strap redesign in the future that makes it harder to put on backwards. Only time will tell.

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