Pokemon dev Game Freak hiring for console RPG

The developer behind the Pokémon series, Game Freak have released numerous adverts looking to hire staff to work on a “globally popular RPG”

The advert is looking for a 3D CG Designer (via IGN), it states that the successful applicant will work on characters, monsters, and item models for “a title everyone knows”

The job listing specifically states that this is for a console title, whilst a second job listing was posted looking for a character model creator, specifically someone with experience up to Wii U & PS Vita standards.

The listings didn’t mention Pokémon by name but it’s safe to assume that working on a “globally popular RPG” which includes monsters, developed by Game Freak points to Pokémon.

In November last year, Eurogamer reported that Pokemon Sun and Moon would come to the Nintendo Switch under the name of Pokemon Stars, The game was “Well into development” and should launch in 2017.

If this is a Pokémon console game, are you excited?


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