Nintendo Addresses Joy-Con Connection Issues

Quite a few Nintendo Switch owners have experienced some connection issues with their Joy-Con, specifically the left one. You might be playing Zelda when suddenly Link stops moving or continues going in the direction your analog stick was held once the signal was lost. Annoying, I’m sure, but Nintendo has finally come out to address this issue. Nintendo states that this isn’t a hardware problem, but rather a manufacturing variation. They also say that you can contact Nintendo and send in your Joy-Con, where they will fix it for free.

Kotaku reached out to them and here is Nintendo of America’s full statement on the matter:

“There is no design issue with the Joy-Con controllers, and no widespread proactive repair or replacement effort is underway. A manufacturing variation has resulted in wireless interference with a small number of the left Joy-Con. Moving forward this will not be an issue, as the manufacturing variation has been addressed and corrected at the factory level.

We have determined a simple fix can be made to any affected Joy-Con to improve connectivity.

There are other reasons consumers may be experiencing wireless interference. We are asking consumers to contact our customer support team so we can help them determine if a repair is necessary. If it is, consumers can send their controller directly to Nintendo for the adjustment, free of charge, with an anticipated quick return of less than a week. Repair timing may vary by region. For help with any hardware or software questions, please visit”

So it looks like future Switch owners won’t have to worry about this particular problem. It’s good to see Nintendo officially addressing Switch issues. Whether they will address other well known Switch issues remains to be seen, but this is a good sign nonetheless.

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