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June 13 – 15 is every gamer’s favorite time of year. It’s the time when all of our favorite developers and publishers get together to show off what they have been working hard on, whether that’s games or new hardware, you can’t help but get excited. Every year, all the IGN’s and Gamespot’s out there decide to make a list of what they think will be shown off or what they really want to see shown off, at the show. We decided to try our hand at it too.

I personally would love to see Nintendo come out swinging strong this year and show that they have what it takes to keep up with Sony and Microsoft. With the Switch having only been out a mere month, I’d love for them to show stuff like another Super Smash Bros and maybe a Metroid game that’s had as much time and passion put into it that Zelda: Breath of the Wild had. I know it’s probably far off to think this, but I would love to see a Pokémon game that’s more of an MMORPG and really make that world seem like its alive! I also think that they are way overdue in announcing Virtual Console for the Switch. If they announce a virtual console and say that N64 and Gamecube games are now available on there, they would steal the show at E3. Sony and Microsoft, even with the Scorpio and Sony’s strong first party lineup, would struggle to find something as hard hitting as that to win over audiences.

As far as Sony and Microsoft go, I would definitely love to see Microsoft come out with release dates for Cup Head, Sea of Thieves and maybe some new first party games that we haven’t seen before. They need to start rolling out some good, strong first party games to make that new Scorpio of theirs even seem like a purchase that people should make. Not many people are going to want to spend the proposed $499 for a console if there’s hardly anything to play on it. Sony on the other hand, needs to put some release dates on their games like God of War, Dreams and Days Gone and let players know that these games are coming out either late this year or first quarter next year and give them something to look forward to. They showed off a lot of great games that have people very excited for, but hardly any of those games were getting released anytime soon.


Will From Software show off a sequel to the highly rated Bloodborne?


I decided to ask a few of my fellow writers what they had for predictions and this is what they said:

“Red Dead Redemption 2: Rockstar usually doesn’t have a meaningful physical presence at E3, but RDR is such an important franchise for both consoles that I’d be surprised if E3 2017 comes and goes and we don’t see something, particularly given the apparent 2017 release date. With timed exclusive content for PS4 I think being part of the Sony showcase is quite possible. There are so many things to be psyched about and so many questions that could be answered. Are they going the GTA V route of multiple protagonists? Will they use the ideal wild west setting to make this more of an RPG? Will debuting as a current Gen game mean this will be a giant technological leap over GTA V? Will there be a PC version this time? I’d ask more questions, but I’m out of breath from excitement.


State of Decay 2: Zombie apocalypse games have spanned across so many genres over the past decade. I’m sure there’s a well-researched article out there linking that to post 9/11 America. If not I’ll gladly write it myself. There are real time strategies, Turn-based strategies, First-person Hack ‘n Slash games, Resource management games, the list goes on. The market is as saturated as they get. But State of Decay, especially before you get into it and meet the shortcomings and limitations of its system, was unique in that It really had that Walking Dead feel to it. It was somewhat of a disappointment that you couldn’t interact with elements of its world as freely and consistently as you would’ve liked, but that untapped potential is what makes me so excited to see how the second installment has improved over the first.


That surprise original title that comes out of nowhere and steals the show: Every year we have a couple of these, and honestly, they’re all that keeps me from taking it to the streets and declaring E3 a yearly gathering of big bad corporations trying to eliminate the element of taste and make us into photocopied robots! but enough about the US congress. Last year it was Tacoma and YOOKA-LAYLEE, Fortnite the year before that. This year’s E3 will sure have more surprises in store.


Games I want to (but most likely won’t) see:


Elder Scrolls VI: There’s no indication that there will be any kind of EE news at E3. In fact, over the past year, Bethesda officials have gone out of their way to let the fans know they shouldn’t be expecting a new Elder Scrolls game anytime soon. But It’s close to six years since Skyrim came out, and if they think Elder Scrolls online set that clock back to zero they’re out of their minds.


An NCAA licensed game: I don’t even care if it’s basketball or football. Heck, I’ll play an NCAA lacrosse game. I just love what you can do with the recruiting mechanics and the unique college sport atmosphere. Unfortunately, this is even a longer shot that Elder Scrolls. Even though EA has settled the legal battles for now, there are still too many red flags involved to be optimistic about this. A new game might open the door for new plaintiffs to appear. NCAA charges a lot for its license. And These games didn’t sell that well to begin with. So, companies will be reluctant to start a new franchise from scratch with that much risk. But 2K has been acquiring more individual licenses from colleges the past couple of years, so that might lead to something.” – Siavash Agharazi, Writer, SickCritic.


“We will NOT see Elder Scrolls 6 at E3 2017 – The team over at Bethesda responsible for creating the Elder Scrolls (Todd Howard, Emil Pagliarula) is the same team which creates Fallout, I believe it’s a little too soon for anything to be shown at E3 following.

However, Bethesda will announce a new Wolfenstein game. – Teased last year at conferences, makes sense a new game is due, teases point to a new release.


Microsoft’s Scorpio Console will be $499 or under – Phil Spencer claimed this was a “Premium” console and only for the hard-core gamers, but I believe the price of the console will be $499 and under. Xbox are trailing in the console wars and really need to ship more units to gauge player interest again. Sony currently sit high with majority of 3rd party marketing deals and the only way Microsoft can reclaim them deals is if Xbox has a strong player base. Cheaper console = More players.


Assassin’s Creed Empire gets shown – Ubisoft have taken a couple of years off since the last Assassins Creed game was released in 2015 as they wanted to step back from yearly releases to freshen the franchise. I believe that time is over, over the past year we’ve seen potential leaks of “Assassins Creed Empire” I believe now is the time for Ubisoft to officially announce the game.


Last of Us 2 gameplay is shown – Still ridiculously early into development, however I believe Sony will show Gameplay of Last of Us 2 to keep the game fresh in our minds. I don’t expect to see the game until 2018/2019 however.


Shadow of The Tomb Raider is shown – Last October there was an image posted on Reddit from a Montreal subway which seemed to leak a presentation of Shadow of The Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider reboot was released in 2013, followed by Rise of The Tomb Raider in 2015, now nearly two years later I believe it’s safe to assume we’ll see a trailer for Shadow of The Tomb Raider or whatever name they decide to call it. Release date Q1 2018.


Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer gets shown and announces a release date of October 10, 2017. –  Red Dead is coming this year, that’s already been confirmed. What hasn’t been confirmed is the specific release date. We know the game is coming in Q3/Q4 2017, I believe it would be best for Rockstar if the game is released before November comes to avoid battling with Battlefield, Call of Duty, Star Wars. And just after September which includes FIFA, Destiny and more. October seems like the perfect month for them so I predict a release of October 10, 2017.” – Jonathan Lack, Writer, SickCritic.


With the extreme success of Skyrim, will Bethesda show off what’s next in the Elder Scrolls series?


“Sony has no new hardware on the way while Microsoft absolutely does. I would expect to see a strong focus on games from Sony meaning we should get to see a lot more of the following: God of War, Last of Us Part 2, Spider-Man and the new Uncharted stuff.


Kojima will be there to show off Death Stranding.


I would expect to see at least one of the big VR companies to come out with something in an attempt to draw in some hardcore gamers, everything so far has been a little light.


Ubisoft to announce something like a new Assassin’s Creed and then be booed off stage (only joking)” – Robert Webb, Writer, SickCritic.



Bloodborne 2 Debuts: Come every E3, there is at least one high-profile game that is subject to rumors that it will be unveiled at the event all the while distinctly lacking prior developer acknowledgment. This year, that honor falls on Bloodborne 2. While you can make many arguments for each side here, the simple fact is this one’s a genuine tossup. I’ll go with the idea that From Software doesn’t put its trademark series on hold just yet.


Both Destiny 2 and CoD: WWII Both Get Their Summer Beta Release Dates: Perhaps the safest bet here, but the present and the future titans of the shooter series genre will help to make the Summer months mainstream beta season, likely coinciding within one month of each other.


Borderlands 3 Does Not Debut: Taking on the role of the antithesis to the Bloodborne 2 prediction, Borderlands 3- while practically confirmed by Gearbox- should not be ready to make a debut just yet; look for 2018 instead to be the year of looting.


Metal Gear Survive Gets a September Release Date (Likely the 4th): MGSurvive, the highly controversial re-purpose of MGSV, was given a 2017 release designation a long time ago, a time window that has yet to be narrowed. I think come E3 that narrowing will indeed take place all the way down to a specific date, and seeing as MGSV was released in September that month seems like the safe bet.



Sony Tweaks PS Now: Very much a long shot and nowhere near a prediction sees Sony either tweaking PS Now or even more unlikely debuting a new backwards compatibility service. PS Now is defeated by Microsoft’s take in pricing and ease of use and the hot demand of backwards compatibility in my opinion is just not sated with Sony’s current offering.” – Ash Winters, Writer, SickCritic


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