Sonic Forces’ Third Playable Character is YOU!

Sonic fans looking forward to the upcoming Sonic Forces have known for a while now that along with Classic and Modern Sonic, there would also be a new third playable character. Well, in a surprising twist, that third playable character is none other than YOU or WHOEVER YOU WANT!

SEGA announced that Sonic Forces will feature a character creator where you can create and play as your very own anthropomorphic character. That’s right! With Sonic Forces, you can finally bring your own Sonic OCs to life! Those fan fics where Original the Character goes on an epic adventure with Sonic and crew is not so crazy sounding anymore.

There are seven different animal types to choose from and they each have their own unique abilities:

Wolf – Can automatically draw in rings near them

Rabbit – Has longer invincibility frames after receiving damage

Cat – Will keep one ring after being hit

Dog – Will restart with five rings after losing a life

Bear – Will blow away enemies with a homing attack

Bird – Has a double jump ability

Hedgehog – Can collect rings when receiving damage

As seen in the official trailer, you will also be able to equip your character with various gadgets called Wispons, which double as both offensive abilities and as a way to platform through levels quickly. Along with the Wispons, your character will also be equipped with a grappling hook.

So…this is definitely…interesting. Can’t say I ever saw it coming, but it’s looking like Sonic Forces may be more than just a “Sonic Generations 2″ after all. With the ability to create characters, it really gives Sonic Forces a unique identity.

I’m hyped because now I can finally make my dreams of playing as my long time Sonic OC, Sonic Phelps, a reality!

He’s literally just Sonic, but with a lighter tone of blue and green shoes…….please do not steal.

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