Bioware Reveals Anthem Gameplay Trailer – Should Destiny Be Worried?

Microsoft decided to round up their big conference with the official Gameplay footage of Anthem, a co-op oriented open world adventure. Anthem was created by the team at Bioware, the same group that put together the extremely popular and successful Mass Effect Trilogy. In Anthem you tag up with up to 3 of your friends to adventure in a world full of danger that is completely dynamic. You will be equipped with an exo suit called a “javelin” that is completely customized to your own unique game play and preferences. In the game play trailer the tag team group takes on several enemies with high explosive combat that looks thrilling.

Then environment looks beautiful, which is to be expected from a developer that does not play around when it comes to making games. With a dynamic environment in Anthem, you are going to run into many unexpected encounters that will be unique and add an extra layer of entertainment and immersion. Check out the full gameplay trailer below.

Anthem appears to be the new rival for Destiny and only time will tell if they will compete with such a popular powerhouse. We expect a release date sometime in 2019; however, there has not been an official release date set.


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