Sea Of Thieves: Extended Gameplay

Finally!! Rare shows off more of the open world, comically hilarious game of Sea of Thieves. It seems like you will be able to go treasure hunting and set out on your own personal adventures solo or with friends. There will also be plenty of opportunities to come across other crews who want your treasure or to destroy you, for whatever reason.

Be on the lookout though, NPC’s are also going to be out to attack weary travelers. While on treasure hunts, be sure to be prepared to be attacked, seeing as those with treasure want to keep it. Between battles on both land with skeletons and sea with cannons and pirate ships, treasure hunts, sea excursions, there seems to be an endless amount of things to do, which is a thing Xbox needs on their console. See the extended gameplay trailer below.

Be prepared to hunt the open waters with all your friends Early 2018 on Xbox One Family of consoles. See you all on the waters Matee!

David Fraley

David loves to play the guitar, though not always to other peoples favorite genres. He loves to play video games and has played them for longer than he cares to admit. His Favorite games to date include The Witcher 3, Rocket League, Titanfall 2, Bioshock, Halo and a new favorite, Horizon Zero Dawn. He has always wanted to do something in the gaming industry. Since he’s no programmer, writing about them and why he likes them will have to do. Feel free to follow him on Twitter for all things gaming and maybe a few things that aren’t.


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