Beyond Good and Evil Is Back! See the Cinematic Trailer from E3 2017

Is this real life? Beyond Good and Evil is back with a prequel set in the time period before the birth of Jade, the main protagonist in the original game released in 2003. In an unexpected announcement during the Ubisoft Press Conference at E3 2017, the team behind the game came on stage to show off their hard work in an amazing cinematic trailer.

The trailer shows a humorous monkey in a high speed chase through a futuristic city after conning a pig like mob boss. Not much has been shown about Beyond Good and Evil 2 since the original announcement that the game was in pre-production back in 2016.  Michel Ancel become emotional as he came on stage to say thank you for the astounding applause from the audience after the trailer. See below.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is set in the 24th century in a solar system called System 3 that is full of piracy and outlaws struggling for survival. The game boasts its “massive, seamless online environment” that you can play in by yourself or with friends.

Look forward to hearing more news about the long awaited sequel later this year.

Good Luck Space Monkeys!


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