The Xbox: Exclusive much?

With E3 done and dusted, the scenario of the gaming industry has definitely changed. We saw the revelation of Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful console to date. A slew of games were unveiled at the convention, sparking much hype about them. But there’s still one issue which still remains the same: lack of new Xbox exclusives.

Though Microsoft had a parade of games (42 to be precise) lined up for this year’s conference, it simply failed to show any Xbox exclusives that would utilize the full extent of power of the new console. And this has been observed for years. Though there were some exclusives, they were indie games and minor titles that many people have not heard of. With the Xbox One X priced at an exorbitant $499, people will surely question the presence of exclusive games to justify the price tag. The games which will run on the new Xbox will run on PS4 and PS4 Pro, albeit in a lower resolution.

On the other hand, Sony has managed to sell its consoles over the course of the years successfully because they brought several AAA exclusives to all PlayStations. PlayStation owners were assured that they would get many excellent games that would not be found on any other platforms. And Sony delivered on that. Time and again, they have brought so much to the table for their customers. Even at the this year’s E3, though Sony had a laid back approach, they once again showed many upcoming first-party titles. God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Days Gone, just to name a few. And the sales totally reflect that. The number of Xbox One units sold by Microsoft were less than half the units of PlayStation.

Coming back to the Xbox, its not as if it does not have any major exclusives. Games like the Halo series, Forza series, and the Gears of War series are adored by critics and public all around the world and they belong to the Xbox. But therein lies the problem. It has been a long time since these games were introduced. They are still amazing games, mind you, but they have become a thing of the past and Microsoft desperately needs a new IP which can steer the company in the right direction. Meanwhile Sony has the Uncharted series, the Last of Us, Rachet and Clank, the enormous Final Fantasy Series, the Ni No Kuni series, the God of War series, Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5. And that’s just the beginning.  There are simply too many of those for just a handful of Xbox exclusives to handle.

Microsoft’s conference this year was not what it needed. They just rambled on about ‘4K’ throughout the whole duration. Their every sentence literally contained ‘4K.’  We get it. You unveiled your new console and your described it’s specs right down to the micro level. But general public will not want anything to do with that. They expect games. And there was certainly an expectation of a new Xbox exclusive that was ready to play with the big boys. But alas, it was not to be.

Looks like the PlayStation will still lead Xbox by some margin, due to lack of first-party titles for the latter.


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