The Best Deals of Steam’s Summer Sale

It’s here! That time of year that many PC gamers look forward to. That’s right –  it’s the Steam Summer Sale! The time of the year when the biggest and best games have their prices slashed, so that mere folks with shallow pockets can add to their ever-growing Steam libraries. It’s no different this time around. The sale returns in all its glory with something for everyone. We are free to indulge in a bit of escapism, via video games, without burning a hole in our pockets.

Here are the best deals the Steam Summer Sale has to offer.


  1. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – $3.99 (80% off)


This one is a no-brainer. The ‘Game of The Year’ Edition for just $3.99! Everyone’s favourite fantasy world of Middle-Earth is available for under $5. Probably the best deal of this year’s Summer Sale, jump straight into the thick of the action and discover the origins of the infamous ‘Ring of Power’.


  1. Doom-$14.99 – (50% off)

2016’s reboot of the FPS genre’s originator, Doom is a worthy successor to the heavy title its predecessors carry. And it’s available for half the price! If you like shooting and extreme gore, this game is for you. The fluid combat and satisfying kills makes it a coveted game, in either the single or multiplayer arenas. This is one heck of a deal and you should give it a try.


  1. Dishonored 2 – $19.99 (50% off)


The sequel to Arkane Studios’ 2012 hit, this action-adventure stealth game has its price slashed down to $19.99. Though I much preferred the first title, this is one heck of a game. Tap into the superpowers the enigmatic Outsider grants you as you sneak past enemies to complete your objective or fight like crazy, the choice is yours in Dishonored 2.


  1. XCOM 2 – $19.79 (67% off)



This brain-wracking game finds itself amongst the best deals of the Summer Sale. One of the most intellectually challenging games around, this title pits you against the alien forces invading our world. This game may not suit everybody’s taste, but if played properly provides a memorable experience. If you are into turn-based combat, do try this out.


  1. Mafia III – $14.79 (63% off)

Put on your overcoat and tip down your hat as Mafia III is available at an astonishingly affordable price. The game features an impressive and vast recreation of New Orleans, with a vintage 1960’s theme. Make your way through this beautifully crafted story depicting the underground wars between warring families. The sale makes this title worth a buy.


  1. Torchlight 2 – $4.99 (75% off)

Another biggie under $5. The action-RPG title is up for grabs at a whopping 75% reduction of its original price. With significant improvements over its predecessor and brand-new features, this game is a godsend for fans of dungeon explorations. Though the multiplayer is absent, the strong narrative more than makes up for it, delivering a solid experience.


  1. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – $3.39 (66% off)


Ubisoft’s venture into the military tactical shooter genre saw the first entry in the  Ghost Recon series. And the price tag reads $3.39! Play as a member of the newly conceived US Special Forces Squad, dubbed the Ghosts, as they carry out highly classified missions without leaving any trace. What’s more, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is also available at 66% off, priced at $6.79.


These games are the highlights of the Steam Summer Sale. There are tons of games besides these that are available at heavily discounted prices. The PCs will definitely be running at full ‘Steam’ (pun intended) this summer.



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