Where Does Aloy Go From Here?

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best titles of this generation (selling over 2.6 million copies), so naturally people are very excited to see where the future of the franchise will go. So when Sony and Guerrilla Games announced a single player expansion pack releasing later this year, The Frozen Wilds, it got people very excited. The expansion is set in a new region with new powerful machines to fight. But the real question is where does Guerrilla progress the story from here and how it will impact the inevitable sequel in a few years.


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Horizons story really surprised me with a deep and compelling narrative that keep me interested till the end. Sony and Guerrilla Games knew people would fall in love with Aloy and hoped for creating a iconic PlayStation mascot. Since the game had such a cliffhanger ending what could the expansion cover? Does it continue the story of the original or bring a completely new narrative just for the expansion? The latter seems the more obvious option because there is so much needed to cover and explain what happens at the end of the game, which I will not spoil. So it makes much more sense if they incorporate a side quest that turns into a huge narrative, like the DLC for The Witcher 3. Which is exactly what I am going to compare it to.

If Guerrilla is going to charge 19.99 for a single player expansion it should have plenty of content, like Hearts of Stone, which was around 10 hours long. Based on what Guerrilla games is charging compared to other DLC, it will be a lengthy single player expansion. I am not saying it has to have 30 hours of content, but i expect it to be lengthy enough to offer its own story and leave a memorable narrative in the Horizon universe.


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Guerrilla Games can prove they are premier developers if they offer a premier expansion, and give the expansion the attention it deserves by offering a worthwhile experience to players. I am very excited to see where the story goes and what Guerrilla decides to do with the expansion. The Frozen Wilds will be $19.99 and launch later this year on PS4.

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