Paragon V.42: A New Down

Epic Games has had one hell of a morning, considering it is a New Dawn and all. With this “New Dawn” also came a flood of new problems for the development team of Paragon, a free-to-play competitive MOBA. The V.42 update brings the most comprehensive changes to the game since the enormous Monolith update, including a completely revamped card system, rework of Iggy and Scorch, and optimization and balancing for more consistent gameplay.

If you have been tuned in to Paragon for the past few months, you would know that the majority of the community has been eagerly waiting for this update to drop. It has been teased by the development team over at Epic Games for months. So, how did it turn out? What you are about to see next can only be compared to a 747 Boeing taking a nose dive at 614 mph (max speed) into a sea of fire.

At 5:30 AM Est, Epic dropped V.42 to the masses of players who had stayed up all night to get their chance to see the new system. Only to have the server crash moments later due to massive amounts of issues on the backend buckling. In an update released on the Epic forums they explain the main cause of the issue as “By granting chests to existing players (some several hundreds) we inadvertently ended up DDOS’ing ourselves with a 200x increase in backend load due to chest opening process.”

Chests. The New Dawn of Paragon was brought down by thousands of players attempting to open…… Chests. In an attempt to save face with its user base and a show of transparent honesty that is not seen often in the gaming industry, the Paragon official Twitter made an update that could be considered one of the greatest responses from a development team I have seen (check below).

To try to fix this issue Epic proceeded to bulk open the chests for players to free up the Database, which proved to be successful, for an hour. At 11:00 AM services were taken offline to attempt to place various hotfixes on the system.

12 hours after the initial launch of the update, Epic seems to have most of the situations handled and are preparing to begin to let players back onto the servers. This is good news to many fans of the MOBA, but has also sparked some doscontent with the player base, as many people were placed in four hour que times and kicked from servers throughout the day. These fans took to twitter to vent their frustration.

This is an unfortunate set back for Paragon and Epic Games. At this time, servers are still down and there has been no official announcement of exactly when they will be operational. We will keep you updated on the status of the Paragon Servers as this debacle unfolds.

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