PS Plus Price Rises in Europe

Sony has increased the price for PS Plus members in Europe. The idea of paying for online service has always been a complaint of many people around the gaming community and a topic of controversy. PS Plus is already an expensive service, so this will most likely upset some fans in Europe.

With how expensive gaming has become, you would imagine that Sony would try and please fans with a cheaper service than competitors, but that is not the case here. Sony has not stated a reason for the price spike, but it seems that everything Europe is seeing price increases which may have something to do with Sony’s decision.

If you are on the fence about getting PS Plus and you live in Europe make sure to get it before the price increases August 31. If your subscription automatically renews it will change to the new price after August 31. The price will go from €39.99 to €49.99 annually, from €14.99 to €19.99 quarterly, and €5.99 to €6.99 monthly. This price increase will surely upset some fans in Europe. Sony seems to be more focused on the flow of cash at the moment than the happiness of their consumers.

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