Weekly Round-Up: Tacoma Release, Rime for Switch Release Date Revealed, and More!

Here is some big news announcements that you may have missed this week!


Rime Switch Version Release Date Reveled


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Rime will finally make its way to the Nintendo Switch. The adventure-puzzle game releases for the Switch on November 14. If you own a Switch make sure to give this one a look as it received favorable reviews when it launched earlier this year, and will also give Switch owners a unique game that will help diversify the Switch’s library.


Titanfall 2 Joins EA Access


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Titanfall 2 has finally joined EA access just shy of a year after its release. If you have not played this game and have EA Access, then make sure to pick it up as it is one of the best FPS’s to release in the last few years. EA access is only available on Xbox One but has a great library of EA games and a great value at only $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year.


Resident Evil: Revelations Will Make its Way to the Switch


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Resident Evil: Revelations 1 and 2 will both be released in a collection this fall on the Switch. The collection will be $39.99 and will feature both games in the Resident Evil sub-series. The series seemed to take the Resident Evil games back to their roots after some games that focused on action instead of horror. Make sure to give this collection a try if you missed them on the other platforms when it launches August 29 on Switch, Xbox One and PS4.


NBA Live 18 Will Feature the WNBA


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This is the first time the WNBA will be featured in a game. This should excite fans of the league as it gives players their first opportunity to play as their favorite WNBA team. This should also give the NBA Live series a new and interesting idea and offers something that the NBA 2K series does not have. The 2K series has dominated for years and this might give people a reason to go out and try the newest addition to the NBA Live series. NBA Live 18 will release sometime this December.


Tacoma Releases to Positive Reviews


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Tacoma released this Tuesday to favorable reviews. The newest game from Fullbright was highly anticipated by fans and had a lot of buzz around its release. Critics seemed to agree that the game has a interesting SCI-FI story and a memorable cast of characters, but just is not as special as Fullbright’s last release Gone Home. Stay tuned for our review of Tacoma soon.


Super Mario Odyssey Is Not for Everyone


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ESRB released Super Mario Odyssey’s rating and it is E 10+. Which means the game is suitable for all ages of ten and up but not for younger children. This is the first mainline Mario game to not receive a E for everyone. It was also announced that the box art for Super Mario Odyssey will change from Sombrero wearing Mario to Snorkel Mario in the corner of the box art. Super Mario Odyssey launches on the Nintendo Switch on October 27 for $59.99.


Stay tuned for next weeks weekly round-up and anything gaming related here at Sick Critic.

I am a huge sports game fan, if I am not playing 2k or Madden, then I am probably playing the latest big release that week. Someone also needs to bring back the NCAA football series soon, please and thank you.

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