LawBreakers “Breaks” On “Law”nch



The code hitching issue has been fixed and servers have returned to normal. Boss Key Productions confirmed this via their Twitter just moments ago.


Yesterday marked the release of the much anticipated game, Law Breakers, from the famed Cliff Bleszinski. Law Breakers opened up to a bit of a rocky start, mainly for those of us who ordered it for PS4. The midnight launch of this FPS had players encountering lag and severe frame drops in game, making it very difficult to play. Some playing with friends would often find themselves placed into games without their pre-made party, while other players in their party were left in limbo, waiting to get thrown into a game. These technical issues were met with much frustration from the fan base.

Originally it was thought that the cause of these issues were due to switching roles during the game. Later it was found that this wasn’t the case. Now, that might not sound like its a huge deal, but for a fast paced arena shooter like Law Breakers, it literally “breaks” the game. Arjan Brussee has since gone to Twitter to let all the fans know that they are working diligently on fixing said issue.

Please stay tuned to Sick Critic for more updates on this situation and all other stuff related to Law Breakers.

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