Call of Duty: World Championship

Over the past week, starting August 9th and ending August 13th, the best teams from around the world were battling it out in the biggest Call of Duty tournament of the year. For those unfamiliar with the scene, this annual tournament takes place at the end of each season, hosting 32 of the top Call of Duty teams from around the world to compete for a prize pool of one million dollars. This one, however,  ended in a pretty unusual fashion.


The favorite leading up to this event was Optic Gaming, the same team it has been for the past three years, despite their 7th place finish both years leading up to this event. Once again, they hungered up to attempt another perfect run like we have seen from them in so many other tournaments.


Starting Wednesday, all teams began pool play matches. There’s 8 groups with 4 teams in each group. You have to place first or second against the teams in your pool in order to advance to bracket play, which carries out the rest of the tournament.

By the time we hit Sunday, just four of the 32 teams still remained. Rise got knocked out early in the day by Luminosity, leaving just Optic, Team Envyus, and Luminosity. Optic and Envyus squared off in the winners bracket finals with a 3-1 score line shockingly going in Envyus’ favor. Still hungry for a tournament win, Optic fell to the losers bracket where they took a quick 3-0 sweep versus Luminosity, giving them a spot in the Grand Final.



Coming out of the losers’ bracket meant Optic would have to defeat Team Envyus in two best of fives, whereas Envyus only had to win one. So with the pressure on, and the crowd roaring, Optic came in ready to deliver a show. They stormed through Team Envyus with a 3-1 score in the first series and a 3-0 in the second, both going in Optics favor. This may have been the best finish we have ever seen at this event. They secured the win for the tournament and the grand prize of $600,000 ($150,000 per player). Ending the season, we look forward to the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise, Call of duty: WWII.

Joey Fraley

Been playing video games basically my whole life, but definitely lean toward FPS style games. HUGE football fan and Call of Duty lover. Used to play competitive CoD, now i just admire the sport.

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