Lawbreakers Patch Notes 1.1

Today, at 10 am EST, we received the latest patch for Lawbreakers and it made some significant changes. Since launch, players have been complaining about balancing issues and certain fixes in the game that needed to be addressed. It looks like we got some of what we wanted, but not all.


As far as new features go, we can now open stash drops in matchmaking lobby! While that may seem small, it’s something many will appreciate.

Moving onto balancing classes, three roles were adjusted with this patch: Wraith, Harrier, and Gunslinger. With Wraith, you may need to be a little more precise with your wasp stab because it now has a lower base damage, but can still reach its regular damage with max precision. With Harrier, the Convergence ability was nerfed from 500 damage per second to 400 per second. Lastly we have Gunslinger, receiving some buffs including a horizontal warp impulse increase and a new mechanic allowing you to replenish a warp charge by getting an Omega head shot. As for nerfs, the role received a decrease in head shot damage from your TAC knife and also decreased the Omega shot max damage from 160 to 150.


Various other bug fixes and patches were made to animation and characters, but it is still obvious the community is waiting to see more from Bosskey Productions in later patches.


If you would like to check out the full patch notes for yourself, check them out here: Full Patch Notes

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