Genesis Alpha One New Gamescom Trailer

Team 17 has just revealed a new trailer for their upcoming FPS, rouge-like, survival game with base building elements, Genesis Alpha One. Genesis Alpha One is set in space and tasks you with building a crew and stopping hostile aliens that threaten your ship. The trailer below shows off some game play and how you can make your crew more powerful.



The trailer shows the player fighting viscous aliens and multiple ways on how to upgrade your crew. As you play through the game you need to upgrade your crew and ship to defend against alien enemies. As you take on these aliens and defeat them, you must harvest the alien’s DNA and use it to give your crew new powerful abilities for your crew.  The only way to add more crew members is through the process of cloning, which you get a chance to see in the trailer. Genesis Alpha One is a very intriguing game, and is set to make its way to PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime next year.

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