Upcoming horror game Scorn gets a Gameplay Trailer

Yesterday we got some exciting news about the upcoming FPS horror game, Scorn. The developers released a gameplay trailer and announced an exclusive supporter demo coming later this month. You can see the gameplay trailer below, it is very atmospheric and offers a glimpse of whats to come. The developers also announced that their kick starter is now live and supporters of the game will be offered an exclusive demo on September 22, along with some other goodies to be announced later.



Scorn appears to be an interesting game and looks to offer a unique horror experience.  This game seems to rely on the creepy atmosphere and keeping the player engaged. The graphics are gorgeous, in its own unique way, which really adds to the atmosphere the developers are trying to create. You also get a glimpse of combat, while it does not seem to be very different from other games in the genre. The weapons are very unique and odd, and they help raise some questions about what is going on in this messed up alternate reality. The first part of Scorn, titled DASEIN, is planned to release sometime next year.


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