Bear With Me Episode 3 Announced

Bear With Me, the point and click adventure game will receive its third and final episode later this year. The adventure game’s first two episodes were both well received by fans and critics, and fans of the game should be excited about this announcement.



If you are unfamiliar with Bear With Me, it is a Noire point and click adventure game, as it follows a girl on a mystery to find her brother. She teams up with an old washed up detective, who is one of her imaginary friends in the game. Amber, the main character has many imaginary friends that help her figure out the mystery of her brothers disappearance. The second episode ended with a cliff hanger ending, so the announcement of a third and final episode should excite fans of the game. The third episode is planned to be the largest episode as the developers have stated it is three times larger than the first.

The game director Andrej Kovacevic stated, “The final episode of Bear With Me will provide an exciting culmination of the adventure”, he also states, “By tackling different subjects, with a captivating narrative, witty humor and exceptional voice acting, Bear With Me’s longest episode will also deliver the greatest emotional impact.” There is a lot to be excited about if you have been waiting for episode three. Bear With Me Episode 3, releases on October 5, on Windows, Mac, and Linux for $4.99.


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