Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Launches Today!

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite releases today, with 30 characters from both the Marvel universe and the Capcom universe that come together to stop Ultron Sigma. This has been one of the most anticipated fighting games for a while, as fans of the series have been eagerly waiting this one.



Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite includes single player modes for players looking to hone their skills against A.I., such as a cinematic story, an arcade mode and a training mode, there is also a multiplayer mode where players can test there skill against other players in casual matches, or ranked matches if your looking for a challenge. There is also an online lobby with leader boards and a spectator mode to help offer more content.


The game play does change it up from more previous entries in the series, as battles are now 2v2 instead of 3v3, and ability to harness the power of the infinity stones helps deepen the games fighting mechanics, as players can equip the stones and cause elemental damage to there opponents. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is now available on Xbox One and PS4 both physically and digitally for $59.99, but is only available digitally on PC for the same price.


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I am a huge sports game fan, if I am not playing 2k or Madden, then I am probably playing the latest big release that week. Someone also needs to bring back the NCAA football series soon, please and thank you.

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