You still might be able to snag a SNES Classic!

Talking about the NES Classic, Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, said they didn’t do anything to change the scarce supply of the console. He also stated that factors out of their control, not limited stock, is why the SNES Classic had such a bad pre-order debut.

Fils-Aime also urged gamers not to over-bid on SNES Classic on auction sites due to the consistent supply Nintendo will have of the console when it launches on Sept. 29th. In an interview with Financial Times, Fils-Aime stated that Nintendo “dramatically increased” the production and supply of the new console.
When pre-ordering began on August 22nd for the console, they were completely gone in just a few minutes. Many gamers immediately began to feel like they were in for another disastrous ride comparable to what happened with the NES Classic back in 2016. Fils-Aime then explained that they based manufacturing off other retro-style console’s poor turn outs.


Fils-Aime also hinted at further frustration for the community regarding the holiday season due to shortages of the Nintendo Switch console, which has suffered from scarcity since its launch in March.

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