Okami HD Announced for this Generation

The highly acclaimed action-adventure game, Okami, will make its way to this generation later this year. Okami is one of the best looking games of all time with its creative art style, and the HD version will look even better, with its more modern higher resolutions. Okami HD will also feature even more enhanced versions on both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.



If you are unfamiliar with Okami, it is an action-adventure game, where players control Amaterasu, a Sun God who inhabitants a legendary white wolf on his quest to defeat Orochi, a eight headed monster responsible for turning the world into a wasteland. Players must use Amaterasu’s items, attacks and Celestial Brush techniques to rid the land of Orochi’s curse. Okami is considered one of the best games all time, so this should excite fans of the game, but it should also open up the option for a lot of people to play who missed out when it released over ten years ago. Okami HD will release on the Xbox One, PS4 and Windows, for $19.99, on December 12.


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