Pylon: Rogue: Released today on PC

The new rogue action RPG game, Pylon: Rogue, is now available on PC via Steam. Coming from independent developer QuantumSquid, this challenging game sets you on the world of Pylon: Rogue where Hero’s give their all to give riches and justice to the people.


There are four different characters with three play style options for each. You will then battle against great odds and tough adversaries. With more than 40 trait-shifting items, there are many outcomes your character can have as you progress. But you must rely on their in-game survival skills and a little bit of luck to find these important items.  You must defeat enemies, find treasure and use spoils you gain in combat in the shop to gain enhancements for your character. With only have one life per attempt, so the abilities you gain and enhance will change with each playthrough. One life per attempt will also let the player try out different characters to find the best fit.


This roguelike will have beautiful scenes and landscapes including jungles, caves, deserts, and even ancient ruins. “When we began work on Pylon: Rogue, we wanted to find a balance between deep character building and past-paced arcade play,” said Dane Emerson, founder of QuantumSquid. We’ve made a game that finds the perfect balance between combat and pacing alongside the staples of roguelikes, so everyone can jump in for a quick session and walk away satisfied.”


Be sure to check out Pylon: Rogue, available on Steam for $14.99, with a limited time launch 50% off sale bringing the price down to $7.49.

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