PlayStation-themed Collectible Cards Return to PSX 2017

For the third consecutive year, PlayStation is giving out their signature collectible cards during this year’s PSX. These collectible cards begin the third series and still feature high-quality images of their biggest games and trophy icons. They can be obtained by entering certain booths on the show floor, playing a demo of a game, or watching a trailer. Once you first enter an event, attendees will be gifted a free card with a bronze trophy image on it inside their gift bag. Don’t worry, trophy addicts, there’s a platinum trophy card too.

Attendees must act fast if they wish to receive their coveted foil-embossed collectible cards, however, as they are apparently limited in supply. Some cards have been revealed, featuring the remake of Shadow of the Colossus, Crash Bandicoot, the PSVR title Moss, and Destiny 2. In theory, these cards hold little value, but they are meant to be traded like all collectible cards. It’s also nice to receive something physical after enduring the long lines of some booths. In case you missed it, this year’s PSX will occur on December 9th and 10th and tickets are still available, but I recommend you act fast for a major event like this.

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