Starpoint Gemini Warlords: Deadly Dozen Review

I have always loved space. Space brings all kinds of adventures to video games, movies, comics, and novels. Space can be written about in horror, adventure, and virtually any other kind of plot and still be cool. When we received my review copy of Starpoint Gemini Warlords and the new DLC The Deadly Dozen, I was stoked because I had a new space game that I could have wonderful adventures in and fight intergalactic space things. This, unfortunately, was not the case. I was met with a lot of boring RPG-esque grinding (my least favorite thing ever) that really turned my interest into despair, and my hope for this game started to die like a star that no one sees because it is too far away.


Base Plot


Starpoint Gemini is a space-based RPG that starts you off as a kind of Mass Effect. You start with a tutorial that begins your plot. You are the flagship pilot for a new state of the art battleship on its maiden voyage. When you leave the immediate area of the space station, you learn how to fight enemies and all the other ins and outs of the game. After some time, the ship you are escorting sends you back to base to help. When you arrive, base says “what the heck are you doing here, go back!”, and upon return to the ship you find a scattered heap of rubble floating through space. When the head honcho finds out, he sends you to find the captain. You find his escape pod and must calibrate your life support to his history. This is how you customize your character. These choices open certain options, and you then have the freedom of an open world RPG and get to do whatever your heart desires.




I was not a fan of this game’s controlling mechanics and wished I had a joystick to play with. You can fly your ship by either using your mouse to control where the bow of your ship is pointing, or you can use your directional keys to point the bow in different directions. These control schemes were not my favorite point in Starpoint Gemini, which dulled my experience.

There are many different types of missions that allow you to level up your ship and captain, or build a fleet of ships and lead them into battle to do your dirty work. I started with using the directional buttons to fly my ship and discovered very quickly that I was glad I went for the long-range classification. I could not be a pilot in any sense of the word in this game. I was zooming past these things that I was supposed to shoot screaming for control of the ship. I thought maybe I needed to switch to a different control scheme… I was wrong. This made it worse, I hit a space station and exploded into oblivion.


Art Style/Sound


This game has some very good imagery, allowing the player to see things in stunning ways. I will say it’s not the best, but for a game of this size it is rather impressive. The style is very futuristic and allows you to explore the universe in stunning detail. This art style also allows you to have a smooth experience while you amp up the graphics quality with minimal impact to your CPU and GPU.

Sound very important to me, and I don’t have many complaints about this game’s sound quality. There is a little bit of dead air from time to time and the atmospheric tracks tend to cut from one to another which does ruin some of the emersion, but all in all I enjoyed the score of this game. I would adjust the settings a little because the music starts out a tad too loud and covers certain audio cues that need to be heard.


Base Game Comments


All in all, I liked the game after I got past the control scheme. This is a fun game for people who like to grind and build their way to the top, so I’ll recommend this game for the RPG lover who wants a bit of an intergalactic spin on his environment, but even then, it is not my favorite by far.If you are just looking for how this game in the base version, then go ahead and turn away, from here on out I cover the DLC, Deadly Dozen.

(Warning: This DLC is for people who have finished the game and are looking for more content for it. I highly recommend that you play the base game first before even looking to see if the DLC is worth it)


DLC Campaign


SGW – Deadly Dozen adds a small new campaign with 12 new enemies you are tasked to hunt down and murder with a fire and fury like never before. You will need to be highly leveled to have a fair fight, because these guys are tough. Each mission is relatively the same. You find the gang leader’s fleet, you murder the fleet, you magically find the gang leader’s location, you warp there and give him what for. This is a wash-rinse-repeat kind of mission that you must do 12 times. These missions do give you a large lump of cash each time, so you could say it was worth it, but I really don’t like how similar each of these fights are.




This DLC added a few new ships that all look amazing. I really enjoyed this part of the DLC, as flying around in these ships made me look amazing while not knowing what I was doing. There is a downside to this, however, the only way to get these ships is by grinding for hours on end to earn the loot. Even if you defeat 5 of the gang leaders you will not have near enough cash to buy these ships, so basically it gives you goal-based gameplay to do the same thing over and over again till completion.




The missions provided to you are all cookie-cutter boss fights.These missions left a lot to be desired and did not impress, except for the beastly amount of money and experience you get for completing these missions (though still not enough to buy the ships that were added). There was such a lack of variety, you could not continue to be interested in this game for any amount of time. All this DLC does is make you log more hours doing something you have been doing since you started this game. Yes, it increases the difficulty, but you can do that by challenging yourself without having to drop a dime on extra content. I would say the only positive thing about this DLC is the new ships that have been added, but even then, you must grind for money to earn them which makes the game even more repetitive.

Mitchell Madden

Doing my best to show the world games in a new perspective. Lover of sound design, and aspiring writer. P.S – I am really cheesy be warned.

Not bad but could be better
  • 6.5/10
    Starpoint Gemini Warlords - Deadly Dozen - 6.5/10

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