Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Announced for Mobile Devices!

Nintendo has just revealed their newest mobile title, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This is not very surprising news as an Animal Crossing mobile direct was recently announced, but if you were not able to catch the direct, there were quite a few details that you missed. Pocket Camp retains a lot of the same concepts as previous entries, but also has some new additions, here are all the details shared during the presentation.



Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp sees players become the manager of a campground that they can build up and make their own. Pocket Camp, will feature the ability to collect and trade various materials they have earned with other animals. Players can then use the materials they have earned to craft many different items for their campsite, such as a guitar or a swimming pool. Placing items in the camp that a certain animal likes will keep that animal visiting time and time again. When you complete a task for an animal, you can start to build a relationship with them, which will level up when you trade or complete a task for the animal.



Players can also take part in various activities to collect items such as fishing and mining rocks, and then use the resources for crafting to sell for bells or trade with other animals. The in-game currency, bells, can be earned through items you have traded or sold. When crafting items players give Cyrus, the animal who runs the crafting shop, the bells required as well as the materials needed to craft that item. Like in many mobile titles, players will have to wait for Cyrus to finish or they can speed up the process by paying with leaf tickets. Leaf tickets can be earned by leveling up as well as real world currency. There is also a marketplace where players can go to change the look of their character or buy something for their campsite, the marketplace will be updated regularly so items for sale will be differ depending on when you visit it.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, will feature the ability to add friends, and you can visit their campsite and trade items. Players can also customize the interior and exterior of their camper to make it feel like home, as well as add a second level for extra comfort. Pocket Camp will be updated regularly and include seasonal events and items, much like main series Animal Crossing titles. Lastly, the game will feature a real time system as the game will be nighttime when you are playing at night and vice versa. These are all the details you missed from the direct, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be available late this November for mobile devices.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, looks to be a very deep mobile title, let us know your thoughts in the comments below below. Make sure to stay tuned for anything Nintendo or gaming related here at Sick Critic.

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