Game Developed by Teenagers Emerges on Kickstarter

Puzzle-platformer game Find Me finds itself (har har) on Kickstarter. Why is this newsworthy? Well, this development team is comprised of young girls, ages range from 11 to 17. This was made possible by Girls Make Games, a self-explanatory foundation located in San Francisco that encourages young girls to program and design video games. The team, Invenio, won the camp competition with their project which earned them the privilege of their project being published by the foundation. The competition was adjudicated by prominent figures in the industry, including SIEA (Sony Interactive Entertainment America) President Shawn Layden and Double Fine Productions founder and CEO Tim Schafer.

Find Me’s story follows a girl who was separated from her shadow by an evil spirit. In the universe, people’s shadows account half of their soul. Other characters have had their shadows stolen as well.  The story is promised to be “deep” and “touching” about identity, loneliness, and memories. The player assumes control of the shadow of the girl as it traverses throughout the environment while avoiding city lights via platforming or solving puzzles. You can download the PC and Mac prototype shown in the campaign video. Parts of the early soundtrack can also be listened to. Neat! The concept is reminiscent to the 2010 Wii game, Lost in Shadow, another puzzle-platformer except you assume control both the character and his shadow.

The campaign’s target goal is $25,000, but it already has a healthy start with over $12,000 accumulated with 25 days to spare. The money will go towards professional help in programming and art. Yes, the game looks like a flash game at the moment, but the prototype was made in 3 weeks by a small team of teenagers. The game is slated for a winter 2018 release on Steam for PC and Mac. The game will be ported to other platforms (Switch, PS4 and Xbox One) if it hits over $50,000.

Those who donate to the maximum of $5,000 will receive a wealth of Find Me goodies like a digital wallpaper, soundtrack, and copy of the game, Girls Make Games t-shirt, large poster signed by the developers, and an “Ambassador Certificate”, in addition to other things. The minimum $5 donation will grant you a digital copy of the game and a place in the endgame credits. Go check out the project and feel free to support it!

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