PlayStation 4 Ships 67.5 Million Units Worldwide

During Paris Games Week, Sony reported that the PlayStation 4 is still on fire when it comes to sales. The gaming giant revealed that 67.5 million units were shipped as of September 30th of this year. They had previously reported 63.3 million units were shipped around E3 2017, so that’s an overall growth of 4.2 million units in 3 months, a 0.3 million units increase from last year at the same period

Due to this consistent growth, the company increased their sales forecast from 18 million to 19 million until the end of the fiscal year, which is March 30th, 2018. If their estimations are accurate, the company would see nearly 80 million consoles shipped to stores. Keep in mind that shipped does not mean sold to consumers. It just means that amount of consoles had been shipped to stores worldwide.

Of course, that does not mean people won’t buy those consoles, so shipments are basically the amount of consoles that should be sold in the near future. Regardless of shipments, it remains clear that PlayStation is still not slowing down when it comes to sales.

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