PlayStation Executives Flirt with Microtransactions

If microtransactions haven’t gotten on your nerves yet, fear not because Sony executives are getting on board as well! While there has been no public admission, a conference call certainly let us infer that the company is opening up to the controversial practice. The conference call suggested that, due to the high revenues accumulated from PlayStation Store, the company should embrace microtransactions.

How could Sony benefit from micro-transactions in third-party games, you may ask? Well, every time a digital item is purchased from the PS Store, Sony receives a portion of the profit. So, high-profile games like FIFA’s Ultimate Team packs or Call of Duty’s point system gives Sony oodles of cash. Being the money-hungry company that they are, which is especially considering when other branches of Sony are dwindling, Sony wants to expand additional digital purchases.
Recently appointed CEO John Kodera also raises some eyebrows as he worked in Sony’s network division for quite some time, so if anyone knows how to implement profitable digital outlets, it would be him. In an effort to explain their rational, Financial and Corporate Development Executive Atsuko Murakami discussed PlayStation Plus and how they could make the paid service’s user retention rate high and keep users satisfied.

Perhaps by doing this, PlayStation Plus would offer better free games? We don’t know that yet and Sony has not yet fulfilled their plans. Regardless, this would surely spark yet another microtransaction debate, as if we haven’t had enough of those this year.
What do you think? Is this a terrible plan or will it actually mitigate some issues people have with PSN? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media feed. You can message me on Twitter @peter_j_finaldi or, better yet, follow Sick Critic on Twitter @sickcritic.

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