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Over the past year, we have been diligently working to increase our content production and quality for reviews on Sick Critic. Whether it is a AAA release, or an Indie game that is not as well known, we make sure to bring honesty and integrity to reviews on our site. We have grown significantly in this time frame, which has allowed us for more opportunities to bring fresh and reputable content to our viewers. During this process we became aware of an amazing platform that aligns with our values and principles as a publication.

Sick Critic is happy to announce that we are now a contributor for Open Critic, a review aggregate site for video games that is increasing in popularity among users in the community. Open Critic excels at bringing reputable publications together on their platform to deliver some of the best reviews in one place. With different perspectives on games, new and old, readers can get an honest interpretation from top notch and up and coming publications. They bring a unique spin as a review aggregate, that allows for the readers to choose which publications they deem worthy and reputable. With this option readers can customize which reviews they see based on their trust of the publications on Open Critic.

As a publication we take pride in our review system, ensuring to separate the wheat from the chaff. With our ten point review scale including decimals, we have established a range that allows us to highlight games that are poor and lackluster or a game that dramatically influences its respective genre. Bringing creativity and fun to a review score is a core value of Sick Critic, which our system reflects. With all of our reviews gathered in one place, readers can easily access content they want to see and our quick opinion of a game. Being able to compare our reviews to other quality publications in the industry gives viewers the chance for an honest recommendation (or not) that you can not find elsewhere.

Sick Critic would like to thank OpenCritic for bringing us on to their platform, and allowing us to share our content to a wider audience. Our staff is thankful for our consistent viewers and we aim to keep up the amazing progress we have made in 2017.



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