Spellspire Release Date Announced for the Nintendo Switch

Spellspire makes it way to the Nintendo Switch, next Thursday November 9. Spellspire is a word game/RPG, where players must create words with the letters they have been given. The words the player creates are used in battle against the games enemies, and the bigger the word is, the bigger the attack.


Spellspire is a charming combination of a word game puzzle and action role playing game. It’s wonderfully simple to pick up and play, with just the right amount of action role playing game tropes to liven things up.” says Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd. Spellspire releases on the Nintendo Switch on November 9 for $9.99.


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I am a huge sports game fan, if I am not playing 2k or Madden, then I am probably playing the latest big release that week. Someone also needs to bring back the NCAA football series soon, please and thank you.

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