Mobile Game of the Week #2- Alto’s Adventure

I’ve been snowboarding exactly once in my life, and it didn’t exactly go very well. Overall it was a good time, but it was a lot of waiting for the ski lift to take me up to the top only to fall down a lot on the way down. Fortunately, Alto’s Adventure by Noodlecake Studios is here for all your snowboarding needs. All of poor Alto’s llamas have escaped down an infinite mountainside, and it’s up to you to help get them back. You glide, flip, grind, and jump your way down the mountain with your main goal being collect all the llamas do as many cool tricks as possible before falling into a chasm or crashing into the ground.

Yes, if you’ve ever wanted to snowboard forever down a mountain doing physics defying leaps and flips, this is the game for you. To keep it interesting, you constantly have 3 different challenges to try out such as do a triple flip, collect X amounts of coins, grind for X amount of meters in one run, etc. Completing these challenges lead to level ups, which unlocks new characters with different playstyles.

The art style is beautiful, while fairly simplistic it compliments the nature of the gameplay and it’s gorgeous for a mobile app. As you play the game slowly cycles through day and night, so each time of day makes the game feel different. It’s incredible to see the sun break over the horizon while flipping through the air or grinding on a bunting line. The music is great too, but I’d recommend putting on a playlist of your own while playing. Each song will change the feel of the level, letting you have a relaxing glide down a mountain or an energetic sprint, whichever you’re in the mood for.

So if you’ve ever wanted to go snowboarding while sitting in the back of a car on a road trip, Alto’s Adventure is a great choice. Better yet, for Android users, the game is completely free. While it’s a bit too step for me to recommend for iPhone users, if you have an Android (or if the price drops to one or two dollars on iOS) then I’d highly recommend picking it up. Check back next week for another mobile game, or click on the link below to check out the previous game.

MGotW #1- Really Bad Chess


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  1. […] my previous selections have been puzzle games (with the exception of the still relatively soothing Alto’s Adventure), Data Wing by Dan Vogt is by far the most action-based. You play as the titular Data Wing, a […]

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