PS4 and PSVR Price Cuts Announced for Black Friday

Just in time for Black Friday, Sony slashed the price of PS4 Slim 1TB model down to $199 and PSVR bundles down to $299 at the lowest. That’s $100 off! The price cuts will take place on November 19th and will end on November 27th, which is Cyber Monday. At the moment, there have been no price cuts announced for Sony’s premium console, the PS4 Pro, but that is not to say stores won’t create their own deals for the product.

As previously mentioned, PSVR bundle prices are seeing a price drop. The Gran Turismo bundle, which includes the camera and a physical copy of Gran Turismo Sport, will have an MSRP of $299. The Skyrim bundle, which includes the camera, two Move controllers, physical copy of Skyrim (in addition to all DLC expansions), and an updated demo disc that includes 13 game demos, will have an MSRP of $349. If you’re interested at all in getting PSVR, now’s the time.

Sony didn’t stop there with hardware, though. All Dualshock 4 controllers, including the nostalgic translucent color controllers, will be $39.99. If you need another controller to play a local match of FIFA 18 or Rocket League, you should get it while prices are down. If you don’t care about hardware, PS Store will have a big Black Friday sale on November 21st (17th for Plus members) with big titles receiving up to 40% discounts. The titles in question have not yet been revealed.

The PS4 Slim unit does not seem to be in a bundle of sorts, but stores like Wal-Mart or Target will decrease the price even more (or even make their own bundles) during the height of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re interested in getting a PlayStation product, there’s going to be some solid deals for you to enjoy.

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