Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is Out Now on Steam!

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is now available on Steam, this marks the first Harvest Moon title to make its way to the PC. A Nintendo Switch and PS4 version are also in the works for sometime next year.



In Light of Hope, players set out for a new beginning, and on their voyage, the players ship is hit by a monsoon and sinks. Players drift into a small town in which they must rebuild the town and save the lighthouse. Light of Hope features the same Harvest Moon formula players are used to, as you must tend to livestock, grow crops, make friends and save the town. Light of Hope, also includes new features such as repairing buildings to unlock shops and new characters, and the farming friend, which helps players grow crops. Light of Hope also includes SNES style graphics to help celebrate the series 20th anniversary.


“What a wonderful celebration of 20 years for Harvest Moon to debut for the first time on PC!” said Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume. “In celebration of Harvest Moon’s 20th Anniversary, we are offering a launch discount for a limited time. PC gamers have been asking for a Harvest Moon game for a long time, and we are glad that we are finally able to bring it to this new group of fans!”


Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is now available on Steam for $29.99 and will launch on the PS4 and Switch in 2018. Make sure to stay tuned for anything Harvest Moon related, as well as the latest news, reviews, and features here at Sick Critic.



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