Weekly Round -Up: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reviews, Switch’s Library Has a Big Week, and Much More!

Here is all the big news you may have missed from this past week!



Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reviews Are In



Reviews are in and so far they have been not as high as fans had hoped for. Critics have praised how Battlefront 2 captures the feel of Star Wars, but most have criticized the games progression system and short campaign. This is a shame as Battlefront 2 was looking quite promising. EA did recently remove micro transactions for now, which you can learn more about here. Hopefully EA fixes this mess and makes Battlefront 2 the game it can be and not a pay to win blunder. Battlefront 2 is now available for $59.99 on the PS4, Xbox and PC.



Nintendo Switch Adds Multiple Big Titles



The Nintendo Switch adds Rocket League, L.A. Noire, Skyrim and Rime all in one week. While Rime was a less than stellar port, as it suffers from some major technical problems on the platform as of right now, the other three titles have all seen quality ports over to the handheld console. This is great news as it proves the Switch can handle itself, and while these games might not be the most demanding titles, it proves companies like Rockstar and Bethesda are willing to take the time and effort to make sure these ports are high quality. The Switch already has a great library and we can not wait to see which third party titles will join the Switch’s library next.



Disney Shutting Down Marvel Heroes Omega 



Disney is shutting down the popular free to play title, Marvel Heroes Omega. This is upsetting news for fans of the title as the game had a pretty big community on Consoles and PC alike. The free to play title will be available until December 31 this year, and all micro transactions will be removed immediately. Make sure to pick this one up as soon as possible if you have been on the fence about it as it is an enjoyable title similar to the Diablo series, and all of the characters will be free until the servers go down later this year.



New Sea of Thieves Trailer



The newest trailer for the highly anticipated pirate sim from Epic, wants players to “Be More”. The trailer shows off some of the games features, by repeating the phrase “be more”. Players can expect to be looting treasures, engaging in epic ship battles and scavenging resources, you know normal pirate stuff. Sea of Thieves is one of the few Xbox exclusives that most of us are very much looking forward to, hopefully it launches sometime early next year.



Injustice 2 Now Available on PC



The widely popular and acclaimed fighter is now available on the PC. All of the games released DLC characters except for Hellboy will be available for PC players if you purchase the Deluxe Edition, with Hellboy coming to the platform soon. The third and final DLC character pack was also announced recently, as the final characters to make cut are The Atom and Enchantress, along with the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is pretty exciting news as you can now take on The Joker with Michelangelo, sounds pretty awesome right?



The Nintendo Switch also ran the table for hardware sales in October, which you can learn more about here.



That is all the big news we have for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the latest news, reviews and features here at Sick Critic.



I am a huge sports game fan, if I am not playing 2k or Madden, then I am probably playing the latest big release that week. Someone also needs to bring back the NCAA football series soon, please and thank you.

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