Legion of Heroes Legacy Update Goes Live Today

The mobile MMO Legion of Heroes, launched their new update which is available now for Android devices. This big update offers hours of new content and features, including intense Demigod Raids, innovative Challenge and Artifact systems, Hero Ranks and more.

Legion of Heroes is a large open world MMORPG that brings players together to take on monsters, dungeons or other players in PvP combat. The game has turn-based combat that makes players use tactics and strategy to gain the upper hand on their enemies. The loyal fan base has been eagerly awaiting for this new update, and they will finally get their hands on it today. The latest content brings several new features such as:

New Artifact System – Artifacts are new equipable items that are randomly obtained by players using Artifact Shards. As artifacts evolve, the appearance of hero’s main weapons will change, becoming more polished and powerful;

Innovative Challenge System – Challenge missions help new and returning players adapt to the game’s unique mechanics and fundamental gameplay;

Exhilarating Demigod Raids – Battle in-game Demigods that possess devastating power. Players must articulate careful strategies and tactics to defeat overwhelming Demigods and obtain valuable rewards.

Additional Hero Ranks – Experienced players who reach the Mythic EX Hero rank, and who have completed Limit Break and reached the maximum level, can ascend to Rank EX+. Players can also fuse Legendary and Mythic Heroes, or Doppelganger Queens to reach the next rank;

Challenging Quest Progressions – Complete the main Story Mode to unlock the game’s Normal and Hard modes. In-game monsters grow stronger as players progress through each level of difficulty, and are compensated with increasingly powerful rewards and Stars for each level concluded;

Bounty Hunt Selection – The new Bounty Hunt system allows players to choose specific bosses with attached challenges and rewards. Players can also select the Bounty.



The Legion of Heroes content update is available worldwide today.

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