Jak 1, 2, 3, and X Bundle Announced for PS4!

Sony was pretty active today. Oddly before PSX, Sony revealed the long-awaited release of the rest of the Jak games, all of them developed by Naughty Dog (Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X Combat Racing) will be packaged into a bundle on December 6th. They will be released separately on the same date if you don’t want to purchase them all, or haven’t tried out one of them. The games will of course feature trophy support and 1080p resolution. I highly recommend trying out the games if you haven’t already.

While on the topic of PS2 classics, Sony unveiled a PS2 Dynamic Theme. The theme won’t be free, however, and will be priced at $2.99. To be honest, the dynamic theme in action brings back nostalgic goosebumps as it will play the iconic chime of the console. The theme will have an HD version of the massive purple-crystal clock thingy with the ominous wave-like sounds in the background as well. Here’s a video from the theme creators Truant Pixel (Warning: You’ll want to get a PS2 again after watching it):

To go along with this announcement, Sony revealed the PSVR rental program as well. The program maxed out on signatures, though, so you won’t get a free 2-week rental of a VR unit that came with Skyrim VR and demo disc. Sony will mail you the unit via email signup (which is now closed). The user can play with the unit as much as they want until the trial ends. If the user wishes to keep the VR unit, they can with a discounted price of $299. A $150 price cut from the intended price!

So, all in one day, there’s a long-awaited bundle of the Jak series, a very cool PS2 theme, and a sweet yet limited-edition rental program for PSVR. Dang, that’s pretty good!

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