Mobile Game of the Week #6: Data Wing

This one’s a bit different from my standard picks; while most of my previous selections have been puzzle games (with the exception of the still relatively soothing Alto’s Adventure), Data Wing by Dan Vogt is by far the most action-based. You play as the titular Data Wing, a thoughtless messenger existing inside the phone of a teenage girl, responsible for “delivering payloads” to make sure everything functions correctly. You follow the instructions of “mother”, an entity within the phone who wishes to become more like a human, and uses the Data Wing to accomplish her goals.

The game consists of a series of levels in which you have to reach the exit, reach the exit before the timer runs out, reach the exit before any other Data Wings, complete a certain amount of laps around a track, complete a certain amount of laps around a track before a certain time limit… this is a speed-based game, in case you haven’t noticed. The Data Wing is automatically propelled forwards by a jet on its back, so when you turn you have to keep in mind the previous velocity. Some levels have gravity, which pulls you to the bottom, and you also gain speed by grinding on walls. This takes a simple 2D racing game and adds a couple of extra techniques to keep it fresh.

There’s also a story about the girl who owns the phone, but it’s unintrusive and you can ignore it if you’d like. If it interests you, though, you can find out more by playing through the levels and collecting bits of data containing her conversation with friends and family. Most of the story can be ignored if you’re only interested in playing through the levels, even the conversations with mother can be quickly skipped through.

If you want a racing adventure game to try out, go with Data Wing. It’s a bit short, but each level can be replayed to meet stricter and stricter time goals. If you don’t want a racing adventure game to try out, check some previous selections of mine:

Really Bad Chess

Alto’s Adventure

Infinity Loop

The Wiki Game

Loop Energy


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