Death Stranding Directors and Lead Actor to be at Game Awards

Being sincere friends of Kojima, it only makes sense for a Death Stranding appearance to occur. While I won’t dive deep into speculation, there is some evidence to suggest that it might be true. For one, directors of the hugely anticipated and unknown game will present different awards at the ceremony. Guillermo del Toro, the man behind multiple well-known horror films, will appear at the show. Hideo Kojima will appear along del Toro, presenting an award (possibly related to best game direction as both of them are prominent directors.)

Most surprising of them all, Walking Dead star Norman Reedus will also show. His role has not been revealed, but we have not long to discover as the show will air live on Thursday (or Friday depending on your location) night at 5:30 PT/8:30 ET/1:30 am UK/12:30 pm AET. I’m being very liberal with timezones here. Very few details have been revealed concerning the presence of the three men, but the fact they merely exist in the show hints at a significant Death Stranding presentation. Whether it be gameplay, a coherent story trailer, or another obscure CG teaser, it’s not unusual to get hyped over it.

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