Sword Legacy: Omen Receives a New Trailer

Team 17 has released a new trailer for their upcoming turn-based strategy game, Sword Legacy: Omen from developers Firecast Studios and Fableware Narrative Design. The latest trailer focuses on the game’s different regions, you can check out the new trailer below.



Sword Legacy: Omen sends players on a quest for the lost sword, Excalibur. On the journey to find the legendary weapon, players will travel to five diverse regions, Merica, Northumbria, Anglia, Kent and Wessex, all set in Broken Britannia. All regions are varied as players will be traveling through hazardous blizzards and treacherous marshlands. Sword Legacy: Omen also has a unique visual art style, as all regions are full of beauty, but don’t let its beauty fool you, as each region is full of danger and only the bravest of warriors should enter Broken Britannia. Sword Legacy: Omen will launch sometime in 2018 on PC.


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