Surpassion – The Mouse Made for FPS

COUGAR, the same company that brought you the Attack X3 Keyboard, has just announced the release of Surpassion, a mouse made for FPS computer games.

The Surpassion, with a Pixart PMW3330 sensor and an innovative LCD screen-based system that allows users to engage in advanced tweaking without drivers, should make an interesting choice for fans of FPS games. The Pixart PMW3330 provides best in class gaming experience with the enhanced features of high speed, high resolution, high accuracy and selectable lift detection height to fulfill professional gamers need.

The Surpassion also boasts a unique on-board setting control consisting of an LCD screen and two dedicated buttons that free the user from the hassle of installing drivers and using software to adjust settings. All the settings likely to require an adjustment in FPS games can be fine-tuned directly from the mouse, including DPI adjustment from 0 to 7200 in 50 DPI steps (with six internally stored profiles), Polling Rate, Angle Snapping and Lift-Off Distance.

Lio Huang – Brand Director at COUGAR stated “We know there are few things so annoying to a gamer as having to leave a game because none of the preset DPI levels lets you optimize your aim, or that you left Angle Snapping activated after doing design work for a full day. Surpassion solves that: Anything you might need to tweak to play FPS games at your best can be adjusted right from the mouse”

The Surpassion also comes with 13 unique lighting effects that can be accessed from the dedicated backlight button on the top of the mouse.



It is available on Amazon right now for $49.99 (insert Billy Mays “But wait! There’s more!” quote)

To celebrate COUGAR’s presence at the San Antonio PAX South convention, there is a $39.99 special promotion price running from December 25, 2017 to January 14, 2018 on the new mouse.

If you are checking out this article and don’t live in the US, but want to purchase this mouse, please go here to find out where you can get this great addition to your gaming rig.

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