Mobile Game of the Week #9- Duet

There’s two ways to look at Kumobius’s “Duet”. You can take it at face value, as an arcade-style game where you maneuver two balls through a gauntlet of platforms. Kumobius also tells a story, however, through the chapter titles (named after the stages of grief), the text at the beginning of each level, and the gameplay itself.

Story aside, the game is simple. There’s a red ball and a blue ball that you can have travel a circular path. If you press the left side of the screen, they go counter-clockwise. Press the right side of the screen, they go clockwise. You have to maneuver around a series of platforms, and if you hit one, it’s back to the beginning of the level for you. It’s got a nice difficulty curve, with easy tutorial levels in the beginning and a decent challenge at the end. I’m not going to go into the story here, as I think it’s better experienced by yourself. You may find it inspiring or you may think it pretentious, but in a game like this, it’s best to form that opinion for yourself.

If you like the base game (free on Android, $0.99 on iOS), you can buy the premium version to get a level pack which expands upon the story, as well as two new challenges every day. On top of that, you can also spend another dollar to get the encore, a third level pack. If you liked the base game, I’d say you should go ahead and buy at least one of the expansions. If you didn’t, then check back next week for another recommendation, or check out one of my previous recommendations:

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Maxwell Broggi-Sumner
Max is a student at Rutgers who likes writing fantasy and playing video games such as Zelda, Mario, Undertale, Earthbound, and Stardew Valley.

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