PAX South 2018: Overland – A Survival Strategy Game

Post apocalyptic survival situations have dominated the entertainment industry for a few years now. The premise of struggling with a group of friends, or strangers depending on the scenario, brings out memorable experiences you won’t encounter anywhere else. The Development team from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Finji, gives a fresh perspective on a genre that has been explored extensively, but not quite like this.

Overland is a turn based strategy survival game that pits you against the elements and strange alien like enemies through a ruined continent. Finji takes aspects familiar to the survival genre, such as scavenging for resources as vehicles and fuel. Weapons are scattered among abandoned vehicles and dumpster bins littered throughout the map, which prove to be essential in defeating the monsters you will encounter. How you use these weapons is ultimately up to the player. Overland gives some creative freedom in tackling these opponents. Want to create a fire in the forest to burn out monsters in your way? Go full bartender mode and rig a Molotov cocktail to throw at surrounding greenery. If you are the type that likes to get down and dirty, grab the closest stick and start swinging.

As you progress through Overland, you will encounter various humans that could potentially become a friend, or foe if you make the wrong decision. There is no “main character”, as you can use allies you pick up along the way to your full benefit, even if that means driving them into enemies so the vehicle explodes. Be careful though, if you leave an ally behind, he could potentially come back to haunt you later in the game. It is an interesting aspect to a strategy survival, making you doubt possible decisions you have made throughout the game. Do you trust the person at the next stop? Or should you keep moving and be none the wiser? This is the beauty in Overland that you might not see in other turn based strategy games.

The game has been in development for roughly 4 years, and the progress is showing. For a development team that is strictly in the Indie market, they take the time to bring enough content for a worthwhile experience. Overland does not currently have a release date set, but look forward to it coming to our libraries sometime soon for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Check back with us for the latest updates from PAX South 2018.



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