PAX South 2018: A look at Aftercharge – Fast Paced Madness

What happens when you combine invisible robots and their creators in a confined area after a dysfunctional relationship pops off: Madness.

Aftercharge is an Asymmetrical first person shooter with two teams composed of entirely different characteristics and play styles. This fun-packed experience comes to us from the development team at Chainsawesome Games, a small 8 man team based out of Quebec city.

Each team is composed of 3 players, either Workonics (robots) or Enforcers (creators), and must attack or defend the Quanta extractors spread across the map. Each team is equipped with special attacks for each class, which is currently set at 3 but will top out at 5 just before release. For example, one of the enforcers is equipped with a shield that allows him to block off the robots from certain areas. This allows for several different scenarios for teams to form a strategy to deny access and flush out enemy robots hiding (remember… they’re invisible.)

A possible question mark for the competitive shooter will be future balancing, with the feeling that enforcers have a distinct advantage over their robotic counterparts. Each team will swap roles between enforcer and robot after the first round, so that helps mitigate it a bit, but with so many tools at the enforcers disposal it is difficult to snag a win for the Workonics.

Maps are relatively smaller in comparison to most games in the competitive shooter genre. With the lack of area to navigate, it makes for very fast paced game play. An average round lasts anywhere from 2-3 minutes, and some games ending in as little as ten seconds. After experiencing it on the showroom floor, Aftercharge surprised me. The game is refreshing in a over saturated market, and with a small team of developers taking the helm, they have a real focus on community feedback and involvement.

Aftercharge does not have release date set, but expect it to roll out on steam and Xbox towards the beginning of Q3 2018. Their are cross-platform plans being established for Aftercharge, but this is not confirmed for launch.

Stay tuned for more updates from PAX South 2018.



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