PAX South 2018: Outpost Zero

Tinybuild, the publisher who brought us Hello Neighbor, unveiled a new game called Outpost Zero by Symmetric Games. It is a survival game designed to differentiate itself from other survival games, through aspects such as the progression system or the RTS components. It was made in the Unreal Engine by a small team of developers and appears to run really smoothly, even when using an nvidia renderer for more realistic lighting. It was running on a gaming laptop that had a GTX 1060, and they say they have not really done any optimization, so everything looks to be in order on that front.

The idea behind the game was to take the typical difficulty “curve” of typical survival games; starting off really hard and then kind of leveling out as your character levels up, and ultimately becoming stagnant. You start as a single robot on an alien world, attempting to survive and replenish your “energy” instead of having something like food or health. You build a base and collect resources, eventually being able to create other robots to do your bidding. There is a morale mechanic, so if your base doesn’t look cool your robots will be super grouchy and take really long breaks doing stuff. They actually have text appear over their heads along the lines of “Man, this sucks” when working on your base.

The first few hours of the game are supposed to be easy, but as you progress it gets more and more difficult. There is supposed to be multiplayer co-op, PvP, and PvE; as well as Mixer integration. Mixer is Microsoft’s equivalent to Twitch, which allows the viewers of a livestream to vote on stuff within the game such as causing environmental events to affect various sectors within the map. The game seems pretty interesting, and you can sign up for an Alpha key right here.

Keith O'Donnell
Keith O'Donnell is an Aerospace Engineering student at Rutgers University. He's a D.Va main and Flex player in Overwatch, his favorite movie is Zootopia, and he very closely resembles the Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender. He also streams on Twitch.

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