PAX South 2018: Dauntless – Monster Hunting Magic

With Monster Hunter Worlds release date right around the corner, we are going to take a look at a similar competitor that show’s a striking resemblance to the successful counterpart from Capcom. Dauntless is a free to play role-playing game, currently being developed by Phoenix Labs, that pits slayers against behemoth monsters to collect loot that is used to craft and upgrade weapons and equipment. These are in turn used to take on more difficult monsters in the game as you explore the Shattering Isles. The progression in Dauntless is similar to that of popular games in the genre like Toukiden: Kiwami, which focuses more on earning gear rather than an in-depth skill tree.

Dauntless has a huge road ahead of them in an attempt to occupy the same space as Monster Hunter, as the series has dominated the genre and has a dedicated fan-base already supporting them. Phoenix Labs has been very transparent with their community to gain player feedback and decide which direction to take the game. In their most recent Sharpen Your Skills update (see below), they introduce two new behemoths Skarn and Kharabak, a few customization features, and the new War Pike weapon. These updates were available at PAX South for hands-on time at their booth, which seemed to be well received, as the line wrapped around the entire booth all weekend.  The War pike implements pokes and slashes that can be used in combos that will charge a meter for every hit landed. Once your meter is full, you can convert the meter into ammo for a ranged blast, giving players utility and depth in their group customization.

Dauntless does not have a release date yet but plan to move the game into beta this year. With the amount of progress Phoenix Labs has made over the last few months, we could expect a full release sometime in late 2018. Stay tuned for more updates from PAX South 2018!

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