Everything Revealed in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Combat Stream

The latest stream for Destiny 2 Forsaken revealed adequate information on how combat is changing when Forsaken launches next month. Almost every aspect of the combat has been changed including weapons, supers, and mods. A full list of the changes are below:

  • The core goals for Year 2 were to give players more options, make the game more rewarding, and increase the skill gap.
  • Existing grenades, abilities, and supers have been altered for all players.
  • Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapon slots still exist. Any weapon can be put in any slot. However, the ammo variants: Primary, Special, and Heavy, are now tied to a specific weapon, not a specific slot. For example, a Sniper can be in the Kinetic, Energy, or Power slot, but will always come with Heavy ammo. This is a way to balance weapons and stop overpowered loadouts.
  • Year 1 Weapons will be rearranged to the new slot system on August 28th.
  • You spawn with Special Ammo in PvP.
  • Random perk rolls on weapons are back
  • Rangefinder Perk is back and can be on Hand Cannons.
  • Masterworks on weapons now affect Weapon Stats, such as Magazine Size and reduced recoil.
  • Masterworks on weapons can be levelled 10 times. For example a 1% – 10% range boost on Hand Cannons.
  • The Mod System Has Been Reworked, Mods now affect Weapon Stats.
  • Mods on weapons no longer affect element.
  • Dismantling Weapons drops the mod which was on that weapon.
  • There is no light level on Mods.
  • Mods that affect supers have been added to the game.
  • Melee Kills now 2 hit kill.
  • Hand Cannons can take only 3 headshots to kill.
  • Shoulder Charge can kill enemies in one hit.
  • Nightstalker’s Tether attaches to people faster and more often.
  • The Golden Gun time has been extended.
  • The Throwing Knife damage has been increased.
  • Stormtrance damage has been increased.
  • Pulse Rifles take three bursts to the head to kill.
  • Fast rate-of-fire-scout rifles can kill with 5 shots to the head.
  • Dieing with three shotguns in PvP only spawns you with two shotgun shells.
  • Special Ammo drops directly from enemies. There are no longer any crates on the map.
  • Warlock’s Healing Rift is now more effective.
  • Warlock’s Empowering Rift buffs precision damage
  • Cooldown Mods for abilities can now be stacked more effectively.
  • These changes arrive before Forsaken launches on August 28.


That covers all the changes coming to Destiny 2’s combat in Year 2. Recently a new edition of Destiny 2 Forsaken was announced that comes with all the previously released content.

You can try out these combat changes on August 28. Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC a week later on September 4.

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